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I used to like Anita Baker hairstyle. It looks so good on me, coupled with the fact that it is easy to maintain.

Just get a good barber because not all do get it right.

That was my hairstyle until about ten years ago that I heard that it made me look rascally.

Well, I had to let go; the good book says if eating meat will make someone else stumble, it is better to go without meat.

The world is truly massive and complicated.

We all do interpret this complicated world with our unique mental maps.

Our maps or model of the world will only ever be an estimation of reality, and as the world is always developing and we all hope for the better, we also must apply the same to our maps and models.

Our mental maps are subjective based on our perception of the world, and we have been conditioned to see the world, not the way it is but the way we are.

We filter information based on our beliefs, which themselves most times, are dependent on subjective opinions and assumptions.

Our decisions are products of our awareness, and if such awareness is limited, our decisions also take the queue.

To be the best we can, it is, therefore, crucial we improve and expand our maps through new learning. We can, through this, change our perspective and attitude towards specific things, people, and ideas.

It takes maturity to accept our limitations. That is not a reflection of age, but a willingness to take responsibility for our growth, and that, in turn, engenders empowerment.

We can start by working on our mental models – our beliefs-. Where did they originate?

How do you know what you believe is the truth?

Challenge the status quo.

Ask questions.

You will be amazed at what you would find out.

What do you think about this?

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