FULFILLMENT AND HAPPINESS: The Choices you will always make


In life, there will always be choices to be made.

You would have to choose between

  • Freedom and Security
  • Risk and Comfort
  • Authenticity and Connection
  • Honesty and Pretense
  • Integrity and Joy
  • Fulfillment and Happiness

Most people in life prefer to live for the now. They prefer instant gratification. That makes them do things that give them immediate satisfaction without considering the overall effect on their future or their lives.

To be fulfilled, you would have to prioritize and choose based on the effect a decision will have on your overall goal and not just the feeling it gives you in the immediate.

To be fulfilled, you would have to choose delayed gratification.

It takes maturity to choose fulfillment over happiness.

One of the tests of how confident you are and how you feel about yourself is the choice you make daily.

Some choose immediate gratification to make them feel good about themselves. Such people believe that what they do or how they are perceived now increases their self-worth.

That is the thinking of someone who has self-esteem struggles, someone who doesn’t feel good about him/herself.

Such will choose happiness, immediate gratification, over fulfillment; to make them feel good about themselves.

If your future is, however, important to you, you would want to make choices that will impact your overall outlook because that will help you leave a legacy you would be proud of.

Remember that the choice you make now has a spiral effect which can make or mar the chances of attaining the future you are working towards.

This consciousness helps you to always consider the effect your choices have and their places in the grand scheme of things as far as your life is concerned.

How does this resonate with you?

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