Have you discovered that the Bible is not only a spiritual book; but also a business book?

I am always vexed whenever I get the insinuation that you should be redundant because you are walking in faith.

No, it won’t be thrown at you that bluntly, of course.

But when you want to put everything at the door of prayer and faith, it is just as simple as saying your brain should go to sleep.

I was reading the story of Noah, and the flood some time ago, and a part struck me.

I realized that Noah did not wait in the ark expecting God to come and tell him that the water has abated after the flood. He actually took it upon himself to find out.
He knew when the water had receded enough for the ark to find a stable rest place on a mountain; (the mountain; Ararat, I also found out is in present-day Turkey).

He sent the raven first to assess the extent of the water recession. At a point, Noah sent out a dove; that will give more information as to the water level; a dove needs the twig of a tree to rest. He sent the dove three different times, giving different levels of information.

What does this mean to you?

Even though Noah was a man of faith, waiting on God, he also was at work. He put in some effort. He was not redundant inside the ark waiting on God to tell him when to come out.

He uses what he had at his disposal; he employed his thinking faculty.

God expects you to use what He has given you; in wisdom, in knowledge, in talents, in skills, etc., so that you can achieve the success you so desire and not be like that talent waster. I came across this post by Subomi Plumtre that will also be a good read. Read it here

While working in faith, you must not shut down your brain. 

A faith that makes God solely responsible, is irresponsible.

You have a part to play. 

It’s the wake of a new year, for those goals to happen, you must take full responsibility, carry out assessments, understand what tools to use, form allies that can advance your course, be sensitive to all the signals you might be getting, and measure your deliverables.

Take responsibility… though God can do all things, there are many things he will not do if you don’t.

It’s time to #playabiggergame

Welcome to that year to take your place at the table of intentional decisions.

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